touchups may be needed for man with beautiful smile


Oops! Did you forget to wear your retainer? Don’t worry; we can help. You may be surprised to find out how simple and affordable our retreatment program is and how quickly you can be on the road back to your perfect smile.

Our Touch Up program is available for an affordable flat fee. This is the perfect solution, if you have had any movement of your teeth after treatment or if you forgot to wear your retainer. Our touch up program is better than mail-order aligners. These can be harmful and are not backed by a local orthodontist. Plus, those aligners have to be shipped to you, which can take months. Our aligners can be created the same day as your appointment and Dr Lawless is advising you every step of the way, even shaping the teeth to get the most perfect finish when complete.

Please contact us or schedule a free consultation online to learn more and receive a free quote!