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Free orthodontic evaluations! That’s right, FREE! At Lawless Orthodontics, we care about our patients. We want the orthodontic process to be as easy and affordable as possible. That is why we are in-network with all local insurance companies, so our patients can use their full insurance benefits.

At Lawless Orthodontics, we offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options, such as clear or metal self-ligating braces, Invisalign, Advantage aligners, and more. All these options will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. Exams can be conducted virtually or in person at any of our three offices in Bowling Green, Glasgow, or Russellville.

Recommended appliances, such as Invisalign, clear 3-D printed aligners, retainers, braces, expanders, and more, will be described in detail. You will also receive an estimate of how long your treatment will take and the frequency of appointments.

Orthodontic Evalution

What to Expect During Your First Visit

During a consultation at our esteemed dental clinic, patients can anticipate a comprehensive and well-organized experience aimed at addressing their unique needs. As they arrive, patients will be greeted warmly by our friendly staff, who will guide them through the initial paperwork. Once settled in, the process begins with retrieving their records, encompassing vital visual aids such as photographs and X-rays that provide valuable insights into their oral health. Our state-of-the-art imaging technology ensures accurate representations of teeth and mouth conditions to aid Dr. Lawless in formulating an optimal treatment plan tailored specifically to each patient's requirements.

Then, our dedicated Treatment Coordinator takes over to address any financial aspects or queries that may arise during the consultation process. Moreover, if circumstances permit it, certain procedures can be initiated on the same day itself—allowing patients to make immediate progress towards improving their oral health right after their initial consultation.

Lawless Orthodontics
Lawless Orthodontics

Your personal evaluation includes the following:

  • X-rays
  • Pre-treatment pictures
  • Insurance coverage, as we are in-network with most companies
  • A personal orthodontic exam with Dr. Lawless
  • An individualized plan based on Dr. Lawless's recommendation. He will explain any orthodontic issues he sees and note them in our suggested treatment plan for you to review as you make your decision about braces or aligners.

Begin your braces or aligners the same day as your consultation!

Schedule Your Orthodontic Evaluation

We cannot wait to meet you at your orthodontic consultation with us. You can schedule an appointment with the Free Consultation Button below or call our Bowling Green, KY, location at (270) 781-1025 to schedule your free consultation today!

Lawless Orthodontics
Lawless Orthodontics

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