Timeline for Taking Care of your Child’s Teeth

Timeline for Taking Care of your Child’s Teeth

Posted by Lawless Orthodontics May 02, 2023

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Many parents wonder when and how Dental care should be introduced to their child’s routine. We have created a simple and effective timeline to help! Beginning and maintaining a routine at a young age ensures great oral hygiene habits later in life.

  • As an infant, wet a towel with warm water and wipe any collected bacteria from gums.
  • While teething, make sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush and training toothpaste to begin healthy dental habits.
  • While developing adult teeth and losing baby teeth, practice brushing and flossing twice daily.
  • The A.D.A. recommends your child to begin brushing by the age of 3.
  • Visit your child’s Pediatric Dentist for routine check-ups and cleanings.
  • Schedule your child’s initial Orthodontic Exam by age 7.

Our priority at Lawless Orthodontics is to encourage healthy habits for past, current, and future patients. For any questions regarding your child’s orthodontic needs, schedule a complimentary consultation or call Bowling Green, KY, location at (270) 781-1025. The best way to prevent problematic ortho-development is to have your child seen early by an Orthodontist. At Lawless Orthodontics, we offer a Growth Guidance program free of charge, to monitor growth and eruption of your child’s teeth. This allows us to implement Orthodontic care at the appropriate time based specifically on your child’s needs.

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