Best Brushing= Best Smile!

Best Brushing= Best Smile!

Posted by Jay Lawless May 20, 2024



Our team here at Lawless Orthodontics knows that caring for your teeth can be a challenge when you

You have braces, so we've put together a list of best practices to help you achieve quick, comfortable, and comfortable wear.

positive results from your braces.



The most important predictor for treatment success is the most basic: adequate brushing. You should brush at least three times a day so that your teeth move as quickly and comfortably as possible. Without regular cleaning, your gums will enlarge. This causes tooth pain and prevents tooth movement. Finish early! Brush often!


2 AND..

What parts of your teeth are most important to focus on when brushing? Pay special attention to the areas between your braces and your gums. These areas trap food very easily with braces on your teeth. Tilting the brush toward the gum line in small circular motions is the best action here. All surfaces of your teeth, braces, and tongue should be brushed every time. However, don't skimp on the areas between your braces and gums. Mechanical bushings have been shown to work better overall if you like that feeling. However, use the brush you love. You will do your best work!



at least 3 times a day!

Rinse after brushing, every time. Rinsing removes bits of food that you stirred up but didn't get out of your mouth. For best results, use an over-the-counter gingivitis rinse that contains fluoride. The best tasting alcohol-free rinses are easy to find. However, if you don't have a special tooth rinse, water will do the job too.


Flossing should be done at least once a day. It is an essential part of achieving healthy teeth and gums. Flossing regularly is even more important for someone who wears braces because it is

It is very easy for food particles to get stuck in the small crevices around the brackets and gums.

A floss threader is a tool designed to make flossing with braces easier. Once you have flossed a few times with the threader, it will be easier and faster to floss even without the threader. If you have forgotten how to floss, please ask. We'll show you how!

Bonus Tip: Reach Access Daily Flosser provides a modern yet simple solution to common flossing problems. It makes flossing almost as easy as brushing your teeth and much faster.


5. What if I don't have time to floss?

A Waterpik can also be useful. It's the best thing after flossing. Shoot a small, high-

jet of pressurized water on and between teeth, removing food debris and plaque

between the teeth and the braces. It can be a little complicated, but it's worth the investment when you're short on time!


6. I don't see the difference. That I have to do?

Continue brushing, rinsing and flossing your own teeth as we have described. Before bed, ask a parent or another trusted person to check your work in good lighting. You will be able to see what is left after you perform your cleaning routine. Ask them to show you the problem spots. They will also be able to brush afterwards with a better view to remove excess food from problem areas. Keep this for at least 2 to 4 weeks for best results.


7. Last, but certainly not least.

Regular dental visits with your family dentist and hygienist are very important to monitor the health of your teeth and gums during orthodontic treatment. Try to get checkups and cleanings twice a year. If there are problems, your dentist and/or hygienist may recommend three times a year to avoid long-lasting problems.

If you have more questions, let's talk.

We're here to help you achieve your best smile with the best practices for proper home care!

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