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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks that cause cavities. This treatment can be administered during regular checkups and cleanings with our doctor at Lawless Orthodontics. The fluoride is applied as a gel or varnish and is quickly absorbed into the surface of the tooth enamel. Sometimes, a fluoride treatment may be prescribed in the form of mouthwash or toothpaste to help patients maintain the health of their smiles between appointments with us.

Fluoride treatments are essential for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Because brackets and wires can make it more difficult to brush and floss effectively, many patients get more cavity-causing plaque buildup around their braces than they would without orthodontic appliances. A fluoride treatment can help protect patients who wear braces from decay during their journey to straighter teeth.

Lawless Orthodontics
Lawless Orthodontics

Why Choose Fluoride Treatment?

Getting fluoride treatment at our practice can be important for several reasons. It not only keeps your teeth healthy, but it can help prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues as well. While you will still need to brush and floss daily, getting regular dental checkups and fluoride treatments can help keep your teeth strong and healthy.

In some cases, we may recommend getting fluoride treatment more often while undergoing orthodontic treatment or having other procedures done. If our dentist recommends this, you should follow their instructions closely to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile beautiful!

At-home care is also crucial for your oral hygiene and health. In addition to brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, you should get a comprehensive exam and cleaning at least twice a year at our office. This helps keep the teeth and gums healthy and can also help catch any problems early so they can be corrected before they get worse.

During your appointment, we will clean your teeth to remove plaque buildup, tartar, bacteria, and food particles from between the teeth and chewing surfaces and around the gums. We will also polish your teeth to make them smooth and bright, and the dentist will thoroughly examine your entire mouth to check for signs of decay or infection and oral cancer.

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

In-office fluoride treatments improve the strength of your tooth enamel and can help prevent tooth decay, cavities, and other oral health problems. Our dentist can apply topical fluoride to your teeth during your routine visits. This treatment effectively strengthens your teeth and provides essential nutrients that allow the enamel to resist harmful bacteria.

If you are experiencing discomfort due to braces or are experiencing tooth sensitivity due to the brackets, we can provide soothing fluoride varnish to relieve sensitivity and minimize pain. Fluoride treatments can also reduce the risk of developing white spots on the teeth due to acid erosion from the bacteria in your mouth. The white spots that are left untreated can cause permanent discoloration of the tooth surface.

Lawless Orthodontics
Lawless Orthodontics

Prescription Fluoride Treatment

Prescription fluoride treatment is an indispensable component of orthodontic care that plays a vital role in keeping teeth strong and healthy. At Lawless Orthodontics, every orthodontic treatment comes with a series of fluoride treatments, which are provided at no additional cost to patients. This treatment is especially crucial during orthodontic care as it helps prevent white spots and cavities from developing.

Dr. Lawless goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients receive only the highest level of care during their time with him, including the provision of prescription fluoride treatments. These treatments can also alleviate tooth sensitivity when applied to exposed roots, providing much-needed relief for patients who experience discomfort when consuming hot or cold foods or drinks, or sugary treats. Additionally, these treatments come in an array of tasty flavors, such as bubble gum, mint, cherry, melon, and even caramel!

FluoroDose Fluoride Treatment

At Lawless Orthodontics, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and strong set of teeth. That's why we offer our patients a highly effective fluoride treatment called FluoroDose, which contains 5% sodium fluoride varnish with xylitol. This innovative solution helps to prevent tooth decay by strengthening enamel and reducing acid-producing bacteria in the mouth.

Our experienced dentist carefully applies the varnish to your teeth, ensuring maximum coverage for long-lasting results. At Lawless Orthodontics, our top priority is providing quality care that promotes optimal oral health, and with our FluoroDose treatment option, achieving this goal has never been easier or more convenient for our valued patients.

For more information on the benefits of fluoride treatment, contact Lawless Orthodontics at any of our three convenient locations in Bowling Green, Glasgow, and Russellville, KY.

Lawless Orthodontics
Lawless Orthodontics

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